About Us

About Us:-

Toronto based digital advertising company Started by a group of friends what began as a three person basement project has developed into an industry-leading digital advertising company. 

From beginning, Golden Sparrow has evolved, based on customer requests and requirements, and has consistently demonstrated its ability to be flexible across a diverse range of venues.

Digital ad on Trucks by Golden Sparrows:-

The Easiest way to get a Digital Truck…..

Trying to find a LED Screen for your event?  We can help you with our Digital Trucks which will provide you a complete AV package along with other benefits such as small set-up time, no requirement of trailers and cranes as well as no issue of engineer’s approval. We provide the most affordable Digital Trucks in Maple Leafs.

Night Aerial Advertising: Helicopter Sky Night signs service in Toronto and Brampton by Golden Sparrows:-

Illuminate your ideas!

Make your advertisement shine high in the sky with a Digital Helicopter Night Sign. Get ready to flash your message across the sky at night through  a helicopter equipped with hundreds of computational lights.

Promotional Laser Wall Projections by Golden Sparrows:-

The city is still yours to use as a piece of canvas from sunrise to sunset. By commandeering a space You may successfully halt your particular target audience in their tracks with an engaging and exciting piece of advertising by using video or laser wall projections. Bring more people in for the second phase of your campaign, which may involve street teams and brand ambassadors distributing leaflets, holding competitions, giving away prizes, etc. However, select to project at street level to target a more compact, more small yet very important market. The city is yours to utilize as a blank canvas from sunrise to sunset. You may effectively halt your specific target market in their tracks with an engaging and exciting piece of advertisement by trying to seize space for a video or light wall presentation.

Walking Billboards & Street Team Promotion:-

One step ahead of the competition 

Walking Billboards are a great alternative for you if you want your advertising to be both approachable and an individualised part of our Street Media project.

Sign Spinners: Human Billboard & Directional Signs:-

Reposition your brand

Walking billboards can be given a cool, entertaining, and engaging touch by sign rotation. These individuals, often referred to as Human Directional Sign Spinners, carry your message and draw attention to your company by directing traffic to certain spots while displaying their outstanding sign-twirling skills. 

Sign spinning is more than just someone holding a sign with the name and logo of your business on it; it's an art. The ability to rotate, twist, and manipulate the sign with such finesse elevates this style of advertising to a whole new level. Stunts, spinning, and pranks are now used to catch people's attention on town of Caledon. Watch out for signals being spun while being flung into the halton air, being danced on one finger, or even being mounted like a horse.

Digital Taxi Advertising Tops; LED Video Taxi:-

Forever pushing the envelope and combining new technology with advertising sense, Golden Sparrow brings another out-of-home advertising medium to Canada. Digital (LED Video) Taxi Tops advertising has landed in Canada. Digital Taxi Tops advertising makes a lot of sense in dense markets like Toronto. These state-of-the-art bright digital billboards will soon be available in major Canadian cities It’s going to be swarm in the streets of the city and you want to make the most of it when it happens.