Take your messaging higher

What can be more fascinating for anyone than seeing his/her company’s name or logo being written across the sky? Audit’s large-scale effectiveness is the reason why skywriting is being opted by many entrepreneurs in today’s time. While standing on the ground and looking at the sky, it is nearly impossible for anyone to miss your company’s name or logo which is dominating the sky during that time.


UP, up and awesome idea

Skywriting is a piloting technique that is created by vaporizing specifically treated and eco-friendly oil in the plane’s exhaust system to form letters in the sky. Skywriting can be divided into two types depending on the budget and requirement of the person - Traditional and Digital Skywriting (Sky typing). The Traditional skywriting is executed with only one aircraft performing aerobic exercise while releasing the white peanut oil eco-friendly smoke to create five to six characters in a hand-written style or logo. On the other hand, Sky typing is executed with multiple aircraft flying in formation while releasing the oil, but this time in a dot matrix style. Your message is loaded into the computer and signals trigger the smoke to be released. During this process, new letters and logos are finished every five seconds. Through this method, up to 25 characters can be written in a typewritten style across the sky and last longer as compared to Traditional Skywriting.


Lasting impression

If used in the right weather conditions, both Traditional skywriting and sky typing can stay visible for up to an hour. If this method is used in other unfavorable weather conditions such as during windy weather, the messages will fade much faster as compared to the right weather conditions. But both of these methods are very effective to grab and keep everyone's attention on the sky.


Be seen above everyone else

The method of writing an advertising message is often planned and created with a motive to make it appear in densely populated areas at specified times to achieve the goal of mass reach. Concerts, events, racetracks, and beaches are a few examples of those places that would enjoy relevant messaging with some ‘wow’ factor included in it.


Big Effect

The airplane forms the words at the height of 10,000 ft.(3048m) above ground. At this altitude, the skywriting is visible from a distance of 30km (19 miles) to 122km (76 miles) in any direction, with each letter measuring around 500ft. high.

On a sunny day, your entire message can stay visible in the sky for up to 20 minutes. It’s not a surprise why anyone can never miss the dot matrix skywriting.

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