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Digital Ad Trucks : Mobile Billboard Trucks

It might be true that billboards are large in size and are a very effective way of advertising. But thanks to the technological advancements, outdoor marketing have advanced and have become bigger and better than ever. Why should one wait with his/her advertisement placed around a corner on a billboard which is just waiting to be noticed by someone, when a Digital Ad Truck can help you to transport your messages and advertisements right to your target audience? A video truck (or a digital billboard) can reach to various précised markets and populous areas such as a event, a festival, a store opening or a densely inhabited commuter area. So whenever your message is being delivered, the right audience will always be there to receive the message.

Mobile billboards over here!

Our red-hot digital trucks offer various verities of innovative digital hoardings which can easily catch your audience’s attention within a few seconds. With digital trucks you can project dynamic video or static messaging which can be hardly left unseen by anyone. Now you can easily outshine your competitors with the help of high resolution LED and graphics or you can confine your possible customers either with a participative campaign or with an enjoyable and entertaining live stream. With digital truck ads, you don’t have to worry about print and installation costs anymore since we work with digital files that can be easily updated or changed anytime which makes it highly adaptable for the campaign you are running.

A digital ad truck is designed in such a way that it will always be the center of attention and will normally be parked in a crowd in such a place from where everyone present there will be easily able to see it. And thanks to the latest audio capabilities, your outdoor brand promotion can appeal to both people’s sight and hearing.

We go anywhere (almost)

If you want to promote your campaign across the city and want everyone else to see it, then nothing else will work as good as a digital advertisement truck. One of the main factors which affect the promotion of a brand or campaign is the location where it will be promoted. For example if you want to promote a movie related offer, your mobile advertisement truck can go directly to a film festival where all the target audience will be present exactly at the right time.

Golden Sparrows have a vast network of Digital Truck opportunities.

The markets we serve are:

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Toronto

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Montreal

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Edmonton

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Winnipeg

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Halifax

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Vancouver

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Calgary

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Ottawa

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Regina

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Hamilton

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Canada

o Digital Ad Trucks: Mobile Advertising Trucks Calgary

Our trucks. You’re Choice

As an advertising medium, the Digital Ad Trucks can offer you the chance of establishing an important and strong relationship with your audience by using creative and influencing graphic shows. Through Digital Ad Trucks, you can convert your advertisement into a live event simply by broadcasting your video or slideshow on a screen, approximately 17 feet high above the ground. We use High Resolution Raising Screen LED Video Trucks that will take your messages much higher than any other advertisement company in the entire Canada.

All the mobile media trucks we use consist of three black lit HD screens which are capable of operating independently. Due to this, you can use all the three sides of the truck for three different activities at the same time. For example- you can use one side for showing the video or advertisement, another side for gaming and can also use the third side for other purposes such as live streaming. No matter whatever your mix is, your message will be clearly visible both during the daytime and at night. This is because the lens we use are powered by the highest resolution (P8,P6 and P5) LED technology.

Even smarter technology

We have introduced the Smart Sign technology in all of our Digital Ad Trucks that will take the efficiency of the mobile advertising in Canada one step ahead. It is the latest innovation in targeted messaging which will allow you to directly send all your personalized deals and incentives into other people’s smart phones on premise. Since you already know that your target market has an interest in your brand, through this technology now you can directly engage with them which will further help you to strengthen your relationship with your audience. It’s a golden opportunity for you to recapture the already captured market. Also, the Smart sign technology is able to collect important data such as, who is actually engaging, and how many people are currently seeing you and detailed information of your consumer’s behavior.