The Advertising and Promotional Blimps

That booms the Marketing

They are big. They are bold. They are blimps. And, if telling the world that your event, grand opening, or company happening right now is at the top of your marketing strategies, these helium-filled air balloons go a long way in creating that buzz  above!

Now you see it...

The sight of a blimp, flying above everything, is striking. It's a marketing piece that gets etched into your consciousness as soon as you see something unusual in the sky. Is this bird? Is this a plane? No, it's an advertising blimp that pretty much piques people's curiosity for them to want to know more. Whether it's a sporting event, a concert, or a huge beach party, you'll get thousands of impressions as soon as your blimp becomes the star attraction.

Designs on you

This ultimate VIP media and advertising centerpiece can be branded with your business name and logo, so when it's on the air, you'll be creating intrigue both around and ahead of your message can be seen miles away in every direction. Seating and interior can also be customized to fit your campaign.

These revolutionary blimps are available in 128 to 165-foot lengths, making them one of the largest advertising mediums. Your brand and product message appear on 90 x 20 ft banners to give your company the focal point at large. These banners are easily interchangeable between different messages, and there's even the option of incorporating LED sign technology to keep your communications up to date nightly be published for advertisement

Well planned

Another advantage of advertising over well-planned ad blimps is that they can be flown in any weather and in any weather condition. You can create consistent messaging without interruption knowing that your plans to promote your event or opening on a particular day will proceed as planned.

Own the skies

The absolute master of the skies is a blimp in a local or national long distance expedition, a super promotional element for commercial dominance in the market, while passenger-carrying capacity provides great corporate opportunities.