Digital Glass Display Trucks

Glass Display Trucks, a unique way to advertise

A Unique way to advertise your brand
Want your brand to be noticed by everyone else in the crowd? Want all eyes in the crowd to ignore everything else at the moment just to see your brand? It’s now possible for you to create a separate identity of your brand amongst the public and make it hard for their eyes to ignore your product with the help of Glass Display Trucks, a new and unique way to advertise your product or brand around the entire city with a ease. We are currently providing our services in all parts of Greater Toronto such as Oakville, Brampton and others.

What are Glass Display Trucks? 
A Digital Glass Truck is a mobile showroom created with the motive to advertise your brand or product in a unique and entertaining way. You can add anything inside these trucks to attract your audience such as props, the display of your product, jam sessions or anything that you can imagine of. With the combination of your ideas and Glass Display Trucks you can create a ultimate campaign which will  attract masses of people. Our trucks can also carry models and animals inside them. And whatever your product or idea is, all of it will be clearly visible to the audience since our trucks consist of plexi-glass on all the three sides which will provide a crystal clear view to all the people who will pass-by the truck. Also many people love to participate and engage in such kind of promotions.

Why to choose Glass Display Trucks
Unlike a digital advertisement or campaign such as a ordinary T.V. advertisement which people often tends to ignore, glass display trucks (or mobile showrooms) are a much  more enjoyable way of representing your product to your audience since it consists of  real people and the amusing ideas of your marketing head the combination of which will create it one of the most effective way of promoting a brand, a product or a campaign. You can also perform a demonstration of your product or can distribute some free samples of your product amongst the public which will your brand to create a sense of trust and connection with the audience. Another advantage of these trucks is their mobility. You can travel to multiple crowded areas carrying your campaign with you. Also glass display trucks can be used in various weather conditions, so now bad whether conditions can’t ruin your promotion event anymore. 

Your truck, your Design
Our Glass Display Trucks are fully customizable and can be easily customized according to your choices and preferences including both the interiors and exteriors of the trucks. You can add anything on your truck’s blind’s such as the logo of your brand, your brand’s tag-line, or it can be painted with a colour suitable with your campaign. We can also create various  impressive designs of your choice both in the interior and at the exterior of the truck according to your ideas and choices. Our designs will  act as a massive support to your product’s  promotion or the  promotion of your brand or campaign. 

About us
Golden Sparrows is a leading Digital advertising agency popular for the outstanding quality of our products and services at reasonable prices. The company started as a three-people basement project and due to our hard work and honesty we have now developed into an industry-leading digital advertising company and are counted amongst some of the best digital advertisement companies. We have evolved based on the requirements and requests of our customers and have continuously proved our ability to be flexible across a diverse range of places and working conditions. Our main motive have always been to provide best satisfaction to our customers at reasonable prices.