Aerial Banner

Aerial Banner
Aerial banners are a very visible advertising strategy that attracts the attention of hundreds or even millions of people while allowing a large number of viewers to view an advertisement simultaneously. The reason why consumers choose this sort of advertising is that it saves time.

How does it function?
A small aircraft is used to tow professionally made banners across a planned and calculated area. The banners are fastened to the back of the aircraft. This guarantees that a certain geographic area is covered or a target demographic is reached.

A professional aerial company guides a customer through every stage of the process, from consulting on the advertisement and the target market to designing and producing the banner to actually flying the advertisement over the agreed-upon area.


  • A professional banner can be created to the client’s exact requirements and measurements. 
  • The banner is composed of rip-stop nylon, a lightweight material that is easily dragged behind an aircraft and is incredibly robust so that it can be used repeatedly.
  • The banner may include the firm’s name, logo or emblem in all of the primary company colors, as well as any necessary contact details, such as a phone number or website URL. For readers to readily retain the information, it is best to keep the design simple.
  • A secondary banner with a message, the company’s mission statement, or a catchphrase associated with the business is another option. This banner would be pulled behind the primary banner.
  • Each banner is made in a flexible size with incredibly readable text, colors, and fonts for high visibility that can be seen clearly from below and from a great distance.

Responses from clients to our services:-

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