Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards & Street Team Promotion

One step ahead of the competition 
Walking Billboards are a great alternative for you if you want your advertising to be both approachable and an individualized part of our Street Media project.

Face time
Walking Billboards provide the most distinctive human interaction in all out-of-home advertising strategies. In addition to taking place where the people are—on the streets—the advertising also conveys its message most humanely imaginable. People passing Interacting with these Walking Billboards are encouraged not just with the marketing message not only with the item in hand but also with the recipient. presenting a friendly and accommodating front to your campaign has a significant impact on consumer behavior, and Golden Sparrow makes sure that our Walking Billboard teams are prepared to serve as the personable, knowledgeable ambassadors for your business deserved.

We train groups of brand ambassadors to proudly display your company's advertisement as people take to the streets and attack key city locations. constantly transferring to and from the city's busiest areas guarantees that many people will see your advertisement campaign. Teams typically have five to twenty members and work continually. collaborate to increase team spirit and help spread the word about your marketing and easily accessible.

We wear it well
Due to the LED technology installed on our billboards, marketing is feasible day and night. The lighting sign will get everyone's attention because it is at eye level. advertising signs are comfortable enough to be worn like a backpack, allowing teams to advertise for extended periods. The 57" by 22" is the approximate size of the signs, which have a full sign at the back and a half sign at the front. Right in front, on the wearer's head. Any brand's logo, slogan, or campaign can be tailored by our beautiful colour and quality poster.

Smarter Technology 
Better yet, our Walking Billboards can show your business the outcomes we promise are outfitted with Smart Sign technology, which allows them to track impression data from the campaign. We can provide you with accurate figures for the population inside the area where we interacted and consequently might have been exposed to your marketing initiative. the companion that has through report on the number of promotional items distributed, your business can the precise effectiveness of your campaign in numbers.

Going the extra mile 
Golden Sparrow is committed to providing its customers with a superior Walking Billboard experience. That's why we constantly provide room for original and imaginative ideas and methods of the medium. Our brand ambassadors can show up however you need them in order to promote your campaign. This could entail dressing up in a fancy dress or other apparel to spread awareness. Additionally, chants and cheers are powerful tools for maintaining team spirit and ensuring that your message is received clearly and loudly. Of course, distributing advertising materials is a good idea must. Your gear, vouchers, and other goodies will be delivered by our Walking Billboard staff in a timely manner. inevitably land in the right hands! Team leaders are on call and close by to restock the teams as demand continues to increase.

Close Encounters
Use walking billboards to promote your marketing campaign for a variety of purposes, including Simple stands out among the others. Genuine human engagement is incomparable, and that's what Golden Sparrow provides through this means. Your advertisement is placed on the streets, where people can connect with your captivating advertising campaign! Find out how Walking Billboards can work for you.